Microsoft Teams ‘Dynamic View’ makes watching presentations easier – Engadget

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft has been releasing a steady stream of improvements to Teams, the company’s de-factor Slack competitor. As noticed by The Verge, the company gave a quick preview of a feature… [read more]

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Chrome users see if Google is tracking you with new targeted advertising – Mashable

Google is keeping an eye on where you go on the internet. Back in 2020 Google announced the beginning of the end of third-party cookies...

Neuralink: We Got a Monkey to Play Pong Using Only Its Mind – Gizmodo

Neuralink, the secretive neuroscience startup co-founded by Elon Musk, has been even more quiet than usual these days. That is, until this week when...

Logitech Kills Harmony Universal Remotes Says It Will Offer Support for as Long as Customers Use Them – Gizmodo

For those of you that turned to one of Logitechs Harmony universal remotes to escape the mountain of remotes in your home, we have...

The team behind Age of Empires IV wants you to learn history while playing the game – The Verge

Narrated documentaries, period-appropriate language, and more Image: Microsoft Age of Empires games have always taken place against a historical backdrop, but Microsoft and Relic Entertainment want…...

Sony wants to bring ‘popular’ PlayStation game franchises to phones | Engadget – Engadget

Sony hasn't done much with PlayStation game franchises unless you count one-offs like Uncharted: Fortune Hunter, but that might change soon. Eurogamer has noticed...

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